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Hello :-)
Few words about me... (a.k.a. The hardest thing to create)

I'm a person that loves to draw dragons and other fantasy creatures. The main goal of artistic part of my life is to constantly become better in drawing. I would like to develop my artistic skills to be able to create truly beautiful digital paintings. Unfortunately I'm far away from that goal. That's why I'm here. I hope that with the help of people from dA I would be able to become better artist. So feel free to comment my art and to give me any sort of advice :-)
Ok, it's time for another semi-new age, motivational article with minimal meritorics and almost no technical knowledge in its content xP  

This time I'll talk a little bit about art-blocks. I have two stories for you today. First related to my own experience, second related to the experience of another artist - :iconblajn:. So, let's start :-)


Art-block is an interesting term, however in my personal opinion totally abused nowadays. I won't talk about strict definitions here, you probably know that I do not like to define things and force others to use the-one-and-only-true-MINE-definition. Instead I prefer more elastic approach of understanding how people understand specific terms and how they define them in their own minds. However making things too much elastic can also make them unclear. I believe this is happening to the art-block term right now. What I want to say is that an art-block can be totally different thing for many artists. For one person it can be no motivation or lack of ideas for drawings, and for another person could have tons of ideas but could be unable to depict them because of some irrational fear. So, as you see there are many reasons behind that. I think the art-block term became too general and there are no good ways to say how to deal with it without finding the true reason behind it.


Time for the first story I have for you.

So, let's talk about reasons. But we can't talk about reasons without knowing them thus we need to make an analysis. And that's how everything started. I was kind of tired of not drawing. I felt really bad that I was doing other stuff instead. In fact, after all of my duties (work, other things, etc.) I had about 5 hours of free time every day. That's a lot of time for drawing but I was somehow wasting that time. Stupid spiral of regrets, so I've decided to find a way to fight with it. And here came the blessing of analysis! (LOL I love the sound of that sentence xD) So I've just made a review of my usual day and discovered what I was doing during those 5 hours of free time. The result was quite obvious but I had to intentionally think about it o be fully aware of it. It was gaming, yep something as simple as playing computer games was the biggest waste of my time. But it would be impossible to just stop. In fact gaming was an important part of my regular day and fighting against it could be too hard. So I've came up with a neat solution. I've decided to spend equal amount of time for drawing and gaming. This means if I play games for 1 hour during the day, then I have to draw for 1 hour. But it's not strict. As usual I prefer an elastic approach, for example: I can draw for 3 hours one day and play games for 1 hour and on the next day spend 3 hours on gaming and 1 on drawing. The important thing is that long term result would create equal division of time between drawing and gaming. And that was it. I've started to draw regularly. Simple yet effective, at least in my case. I think I've also switched my priorities that way. You see now it's not about a single piece of art. A finished drawing isn't a goal by itself. The goal is to draw regularly and dividing the time equally. That way I'm not treating finished piece as some kind of hard stop (as I've used to). Now I just start another drawing or simple sketch, or anything else. It doesn't really matter as long as I'm drawing. So that's all. It was my reason for something many people would call an art-block.


Another story is related with :iconblajn:. During a text chat I've asked her about her motivation. I was curious how does she manage to make so many art all the time. The answer was interesting but after thinking about it I think it can be a great motto. So the answer was: “I don't sleep because I'm drawing”. She has decided to create some kind of routine in her art. Making so many artworks that there won't be time for anything else. How does she managed to maintain such high rate of drawing? Well in her case it was all about order and live drawing (stream). She was drawing for certain people in certain hours. Everything scheduled and in perfect order. And that was it. She has became a mad creator without time for sleeping because of drawing :-)


How about you? Do you have any experience in fighting with so called art-blocks? What are the reasons for not-drawing in your case? Please share your stories if you wish.


I have an crazy idea! Let's gather many stories like that and put them in one big text (maybe even a book!). Stories like that could be really motivating for others! Why don't we help each other out? Although I don't believe there is one good (defined) way to deal with an art-block but I strongly believe that all those short personal stories could be of great use. In fact, drawing is a great hobby and it would be awesome if other people could also find a lot of joy in it :-)

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